pulse aquatic

the table you lay before me
you beset with enemies
hallowed be thy name
you love a tragedy

Delphi's not far away
tell me what to sacrifice
show me how to hold the knife
either way it ends tonight

nothing feels good

you’re a mess
and the loveliest
never listen to you
you don’t notice anyway
near is never close enough
I let you have your way

your eyes speak
what your lips will not say
you’re breaking in my heart
each time you look my way

bring on the darkness
I could use the shade
this heart’s already
broken anyway

haunted heart

nothing to lose
you always win
never think twice
you’re all in


don’t leave me happy
don’t leave me unused
giving all we have to lose
’til we know just what to do

lips are nails through my heart
each kiss a crucifixion
I’m your martyr, be my god
love is our religion


bent on attraction
and some satisfaction
you won't behave
and you want to stay

your body's screaming
heart's about to drown
know what you're feeling
won't let you down

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love mire

good gawd

each touch shudders
just enough for us to greet
bare our teeth
then retreat

show me art
some mental wonder
show me truth
that's torn asunder


enlighten eyes to the mundane
forms of brilliant design
an edge…tooled texture
are like divine

the storm

eyes like lightning
they flash my way

the results are frightening
when you corner your prey

I don't like it
but I don't have a say

in season

He is slow
but he is sure
She is known
and rarely won

Foggy deeds
what few,
monstrous needs


heart like mercury
eyes in kind
solid, liquid
same space
same time


a subtle lust in the air
a thick blanket of despair
the future's uncertain
his will is weak
she gets what she wants
her heart will feast

level up

your eyes drain
all my love away
you're playing hearts
like a video game

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love ward

the model

beauty queen
on the scene
she only sees
pretty things

found her heart
found her eyes
I seen past
her pale disguise

drifting from afar
on her wooden ship
don't think twice
cause she built it

gonna make her press
gonna pay her dues
she'll get what
she wants from you
beauty queen
you're a star
don't blink
don't fall too far

dance of light
where the sun meets the sea

I found infinity
where our eyes meet

where tears hit the floor
and hearts run for the door

you'll see the sun rises
and sets same as before

Echo Lake

Lotus flower
do you know
fortune untold
the bounty of your earthly realm

you feed on sherbet skies
you mirror
royal yellow
clairvoyant white
rarest pink
would not be
but for the lady
whose lake you glean

oh, oasis!
of gilded delight!
you represent all I despise!

no ancient rites
no cool dips at your side
no sip to quench parched lips

monument of waste fifty feet high
you distract from our looming plight
a fool herded to your thighs

lady lotus
pick me
make me right

you wear your fear
without a care

eyes met, blood rush
a perfect touch

heart strings
you play just right

haunted heart
whims guide delight

velvet hair and stormy eyes
mind can hypnotize

love drunk
sincere and young

cherry bomb
can right your wrongs

coming for you
don't care about the pain

playing heart strings
pretty red stains

can't forget, won't regret
another murder scene


disco ball
alone, above
like the
only Sun
like the
only Son

((Dark Truth, in the Daylight))

Fangs flash
in a gasp
your mind
yielded way

Your Truth
shone bright
and dark
as night
and colder
than just before
day break

BEAUTY, bored

you are beautiful
you get what you want
but its not enough
heads begin to roll
still you are bored
blood is seeping
through the floor


for once I tease the muse
who so many nights before
left me wanton, empty, alone

you curate the beauty in man
you just want me
for your collection

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love party


your head is like the edge of night
where the bright pink twilight
meets the raven sky
hair's aflame
starry eyes
whoa is me
oh, jenny lee


hocus pocus
blood boils
oh, lovely trouble

tell me girl
what do you need
what's the price
when you live so free

she'll snap the scene
you're shot to pieces
print a frame for history

your painted smile
your mirror eyes
won't show your face

I know all about
your heroines
I ain't the kind to repent

I'll be waiting with a gun
a ginger plant
and my grandpa's tent

move in 'til we cannot breathe
let's take a holiday


darling guard your eyes
they're the window to your heart
and I may break in
like a burglar in the dark

you are wicked
cause your heart is soft
a rose needs thorns
to guard a blooming heart


I'm starving, I'm the love artist
my religion, veiled by a pretty dress


she rides a horse
she grows her food
she mastered
every mood

encounter you
with a planned assault
this sort of love
can't be taught


Mercury skin
masks murky worlds
I'd gladly dive
to unknown realms

Tonight shall test humanity
the bounds of love shall see
if lust is worth our wanton trust
or accept the void's advances

I loathe these tenacious avenues
monkeys lost, nothing to do
hurtling through precious time
hurting every future mine

Deities of the region
a humble sacrifice
if I don't win
I might die

On guard! on guard!
every moment is a battle
to be won
victories are built upon

This moment I hover in
I glow with warmth
yet awarded
already winning hearts of maenads

Velvet skin
so unfulfilled
an alien, open world
land if you dare

The worst situation
worsens with atrocious music
oh! the agony!
the sour anchor, the corrosive cane

Chasing love is
oh! so frightening
the thrill is
beyond divine

Sincere, insane and full of grace
a comedy in a way


soft like warm grass
on a summer's day
soft like a warm look
on a lover's face

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love crimes


is it right I’m so excited
at the sight of you
is it right to do the things
that I want to do

give me wrong, give me right
you unveil highest heights
I want it hard, I want it easy
angel eyes please please me

you taunt with your tenderness
I yield to every soft caress
my heart enjoys the distress
now we're lying in a mess

at my worst I do my best
cannot stop, forget the risk
we come undone then go numb
all is won and lost in fun

won't take back
the things we've done
the risk is worth
what is won


we spend a lot of time deciding
unbinding will and want
you feign and you falter
sacrifice at the hallow altar

we want what we want
the children must live on


so into you
I cannot stand it
every moment I am stranded
lost to the lust felt in your presence

we feel it when we touch
crystallize light and love
more is never enough
love or lust in you I trust

danger, use your skin
we want the spell we're in
you shake and need to scream
you feel everything

save me from solitude
when we win what do we lose?


its the way you look
and in how you move
I can't look away
I don't know what to do

you're on the scene
never satisfied
you're the deity
that's not an easy thing

you're the first heart in
and the first one out
sister shiva
would be proud

your cool is cannon
corrupting everyone
no need to speak
we know what you want

you take everything from everyone
but its never enough


break my heart
I'll break yours
we shook hands then let go
bittersweet but we must know

fireworks in your eyes
again upon your thighs
once more lose control
the end comes fast or slow

all our love in an hour
throw our all to the pyre
a fire of divine desire
we put it out and part forever


blossom bent
to mind's torment
she crawls from cement
toward light and love
and any subtle hint


she sent a raven from her mouth
it flew around and found me out
now she's here and she's ready
her wants are few but feel like many


you get what you want
then you let go
its never what
young hearts hope


a broken wave
upon the shore
you dance alone
need nothing more

divine desire
lend an hour
for we in need
of love mires

to shatter pleasantly
amid foggy deeds

stale midnight
see her plight
ready all your might


say you will not fall in love
you cannot bear the pain
you been there before
and swore never again

its easy in a dream
it always goes your way
when it isn't real
ain't a thing to fear

some enjoy the pleasure
but cannot take the pain
I love it all
in parts its not the same


say you will not fall in love
though we know you have
I'm right here with you
ready to dive in

you know its not a game
but you're playing just the same
you dream of what to say & not to do
your fear is making all the rules

wounds from a touch
love inflicts so much

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the tunnel

America, the free

built on genocide

forged by slavery

all that was

now you and me

consume and lose to
this red and blue veiled oligarch
for a white tinkered capital
minimum dividend

we must fight to break free

the Love yet to be

you are everything

the tunnel cast a welcome forbidding

all lay in bare clarity

the full echo of my step rang wholesome against the protective walls

complete, splendid isolation; the tunnel and I

no thing, no one else

pure, clear beauty

then the clean exit into light....... 

when the light is right

he takes flight

in a dance for all to see

though his romance

is the subtle glance 

with the reflection
upon the pond twilight mirror

too few care for the truth.
they did it all to control the oil trade,
prevent a change of currency in the arab states,
steal their gold and…..
the need to destroy the paper trace,
as they raised the false flag.

you watch the news

worship your TV

trapped inside habit

dull dusk into complacency

revolution from the inside up.

bubble gently below the surface.

the widening gap in private/public wealth and the bounty/scarcity/control of resources will clash and erupt into internal, class, and regional warfare in which the well planned and the whipped will prosper

as your lovers are ripped from you

all is out of your control

they're here and they're feared

death tolls on command

falling from the sky

don't breathe the air

its in the water

you're primed for the slaughter

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modern era

In man's modern era
know who controls the terror
be a blessing, preserve the sanctity
of peace and dignity

Love, a purer test
war and sports are petty jests
secrets revealed in fractured fields
gas can't water meals

I dream so big I don't know what to do
but I take these other kids to school
I don't know where to start or how to act
I been first, I been last

With these eyes I behest
try a little tenderness
slow down, release a smile
a little love can lift a heart a mile

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the loss

Should've met the mayor
so I could call the shots

Should've laid her down
french lover
gives so much

Lapping at your shores
bliss in a wave
stars in your eyes
a universe inside
palace of wonders
& satisfied cries
color can describe
teasing all the while

In the summer rain
mend your broken hearts
and their winter stains

Amid your wicked ways
and calculated plays
anticipated change
& wins I cannot say

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when all doubt is drained

limits slip away

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oh! your blessed grass
green soft and vast
your liberty is in the dirt
when we sin, do you hurt
a flower lives to bloom

Lake of Sorrows
you are drained
but your sorrow
never goes away

I believe in you
everything I make of you
oh! how the learned can play
oh! how they make their way
A dream
lago de dolores, I become

oh, Dolores
your lake is drained
but sorrow remains

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Jennifer Lawrence

If Jennifer Lawrence just walked in
I'd be cooler than cool can
Other men gawk and stare
I am pensive without a care
I dare not kneel, nor would I beg
If Jennifer Lawrence just walked in
Just the glow of her skin
Makes me howl and want to sin
She stomps her feet and parts her lips
She sways so smooth from the hips
Not a word nor a glance
I dare not waste this precious chance
I'd call forth a lurking power
A fire of divine desire
I'd demonstrate a Kingly state
Sincere, insane, and full of grace
I'd know just when and what to say
I'd steal her heart right away
If Jennifer Lawrence just walked in

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Mission Pie

Mission Pie! Oh! Mission Pie!
oh the sweets lurking inside
the sweet potato, banana cream
the chicken pot pie of your dreams!

for a perfect pastry you part your lips
though before you get a bite of it
the silky, golden goodie melts
it sublimates, the purest thing you ever felt

fresh, organic ingredients
regional farms, feed Mission residents
sustainable, solar power lights
and heats the ovens, warming pie

sweet and savory pies and salads
please accept this humble ballad
and sincerest apologies
what follows is truth not blasphemy

the sweetest sweets
you're bound to meet
are not apple huckleberry
nor a slice of pear raspberry

they wear aprons & golden smiles
they'll give you shelter for a while
like angels on a divine mission
they nourish those in the Mission

at last, perhaps, it will show
the sweetest sweets
are the makers and the bakers
of this manna! of this dough!

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oil lords/alexander's journey

the lords appease us with plastic possessions, petroleum products
the sated masses sit divided & fed
TV & preservatives breed greed
when man no longer looks upon his neighbor & plots a profit
we can foster true fellowship, an honest brotherhood
sun worshippers & night revelers we shall be once more
until the capitalist structure falls

alexander's journey...

early trials & tribulations leak small successes
the women that loved & fed me only knew a bitter end

adolescent wanderings, the things found were rarely sought after
bare, paved nights; stoned for days
a trip into the woods cooled hot nerves to steel
across seas; the pained, old world sunk in & tightened my gaze
forced herding provoked silence & an introversion beyond all visible benefit
the cage barred a path of light, for a time
but my gaze & demand inspired new heights
or perhaps new lows with no other place to go
onward; the familiar on an unfamiliar scene
from house to house my victories gleamed
& I planted my seed
Now she follows me
trapped & freed
at film school I found the way
of the alchemists and bards of old
I've found a place where a guy like me
can be, however, I may be
& not worry
for those who might
Want to contain me
Drugs nudity, no limit
The maelstrom, is
as I live it
all 'til now
was not in vain
the subtlety remains
and shall gain
all I need, all that is, all the..

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Sirens cast silent spells
But in a look you can tell
What they want and if they mean well

Spin and twirl, shake and sway
Whatever it takes to lure the way
Pretty eyes disguise serious intent
That could bring serious lament

I love it what can I say
To touch the feeling is ecstasy
Its electric, shocking you and me

Dangerous things in these times
When all is fun and all is fine
Where do we draw the line

Love in lust is lost in truth
I let it happen to me

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Red Dragon

Red Dragon biding lives until its form

Hallow circumstance
Where is truth when eyes decide, buried

Little girl, you're much too young
your eyes see too much
no turning back
deeper, further, permanence
woman, man nothing can stop desire
though Nature has methods
speak tongues to me I am listening

Bamboo shelter, asian family no one turned away
Clay, you rascal, you never grew up

What do you want of me? In me?
What do I have? How many lives is a single journey?
The earthquake settles all possibility

The past was much worse
We're all slaves setting ourselves free
From time, from love, from things we've done
A lesson,
Whatever means live, new means, more means, added means
    each time as we go, unfurl and grow

What are you?
A Dragon, it said, its cat form did not needs methods, lives
The eyes,
Truth lies in the eyes

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resource game
gold net
complacency is slavery
a veil we're quick to wear
alcohol for our despair
legal dope quiets us
broken families
broken lies
materials can't disguise

show me something to be mine
something worth my time

our eyes touch

love, the veil
what you hold in store
all your poison
I inoculate
so I can handle more

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this lonely art
will warp your heart
at light-speeds
beyond, unknown
then leave your body wanton
while your spirit slowly grows

pinnacles unknown
begin to show
never been so alone

come to the city
with a heart and dreams

sight, sound, smell, taste and touch
Is the gift of bliss enough?
for your gypsy soul...

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little girl against the world
she wears a skirt
she paints her nails
she’s tatted up
up for anything
wants it all
and nothing
she finds it
when she’s lost control
it is felt yet can’t be held

there is bliss in a kiss
some heart lament
body welcomes it
as you near
what you reveal
I need to feel

love it
as I smile
I wallow and I conspire
to crystallize now forever

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a grove

A poet in a grove
With no victories to show
Is a dangerous soul

my Beloved
the Beauty
all Life

What will become


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the storm

When the veil collapses
Blocks will seem like houses
Proximity once ignored
Laps against your shores

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the wire

The hallowed wire
To inspire
Petty desire
Blossoms bloom
Despite the doom
Excess inspires
Excited wombs

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you say

You speak to me
words I see
Your eyes speak

Remember when
giving in
is as deadly

Heaven is
what and where
its made to be

Hell is found
just as easily
And delivered
so pleasantly

The things I buried
surface easily
An environment
recalls effortlessly

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the dusk

Periwinkle dusk
To you I trust
All my hopes and dreams
Bright twilight
Lends it’s sight
Rose horizon crystallizes
Emerald beams
Or so they seem
I know you now, forever

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I been there once, I understand
You will not change him, no one can
There is nothing not within his plan

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summer notes

the fire, the moment, how does it shine? how does the window cut or frame the light?

artifacts of a lover passed over

the good ones need to know it

swallowed by the dream

commandeered both my eyes

known excitement
just won't make it

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the fire

you walk into the room
turn eyes to diamonds
liquid silver limbs
and silent screams
glisten heart of gold
pave rainbow roads
you turn thoughts of blues
to brilliant crimson hues
when you walk into the room

hallowed eyes show no surprise
a kiss promises highest heights
blissful, cloudless skies
lost to the traps cast in your eyes
can I win when I give in
shooting star, heaven's leavened
am I blessed or is this a test
what to do when an angel breaks through

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the cup

Toss the mirror aside
To know your reflection see it in my eyes
No plate of glass will touch you back
Light moves fast
But must react
Passion is the latest fashion

The lamb attends the slaughter
She offers happily
Her flesh for the feast
The trap is set and she arrives politely
And she's thinking, "want me, please me,
Whatever you do, do not tease me."

She couldn't make it last
So she put it in her lap
And said her last goodbye
She tipped the cup and it was done
"Give me dark and unknown realms
Anything but this love torn world"

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The Innocent

Full Length Feature Screenplay, Western, late 19th century;

"After the 7th Cavalry decimates his tribe, Tate Odom, joins the Hart Gang. Tate encounters the powerful forces at play in the United States in the late 19th Century as his path of revenge unfolds across the burgeoning American landscape."

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Love Scene


this heart may be broken
but that means it is wide open
baby I can be your victim
you’re what this heart is missing

you took me in your arms
looked deep in my eyes
said I don’t need your heart
just want your body tonight

the bliss of your touch
a feeling so divine
don’t know 'bout my heart
but I might lose my mind


been dreaming
dreaming……of you
ohh……of you
do you dream of me?

we want something
we don’t need
so appealing
time cannot change this feeling

when will my dreams come true
can’t help but dream of you
until this dream comes true
always dreaming of you
do you dream of me?


you cast a ripple
on my heart
you touched me
at the start

your cool
my heat
our touch
we meet
we melt
best thing I ever felt

upon sight feels right
you may, I might
you come and you go
we get some and we know
all is won and lost in fun

it burns hot, it burns fast
when it ain’t meant to last

I want more
I want to go too far
but it ain’t hard to let go
when holding on is over

Move Right

you move alright
you’re quite the sight
wrong or right
I want you tonight

your body wins every victory
conquers all & does it silently
when you smile all walls fall apart
muse you are the highest art

yea you want to smile
though you know your heart
has only so much love to impart
& the slightest loss breaks a little off

Your Taste

to know your taste
the way you shake
the way you scream
how you express everything
I need your smile & your laughter
but its not your heart that I’m after

I am anything you need
everything you want of me
what harm could there be

an angel when I’m in need
a devil when its time to feed
you can have all of me
I feel alive when I bleed


is it right I’m so excited
at the sight of you
is it right to do the things
that I want to do

give me wrong, give me right
its a long time coming
don’t let this special something
that we have amount to nothing

my heart thumps so
excite me, entice me
don’t be coy
when you invite me
I want it hard, I want it easy
angel eyes please please me

The Victim

anything you want to do
I want too
every night I got less to lose
with nothing left to prove
baby, what you wanna do
I can be your victim
you’re what this heart is missing

the way you move
how to cross this divide
eyes give every sign to mine
feels so good, so much to do
want to make it last, I want you
one touch, a sweet caress
could ignite this precious chance

Want, some

some want to flirt
others need to play
some love to touch
few know the way
some aren’t who they seem
they want pretty things
some are who they want to be
they, they take everything

you say its big but you take it
its never been so good
you say you’re in love
the way you feel, love makes you real

fires lit
in the middle of it
been waiting, wanting
something we don’t need
a loss, a victory

The Dancer

always looking, yea
never satisfied
the hunter’s being hunted
though they do not realize

say you never fall in love
wouldn’t hold back if you could
though you’re the one that should be warned
this heart is too sharp to be dancing on

dancing ain’t all we came to do
numb with nothing to lose
everything to prove & no one to do

you try to satisfy
an offer so sincere
visions blurred, but this is clear
giving in is fun
I get the sense in your kiss
its only just begun
the dance, the beat have yet to peak
and I’ve already won
the race to your place
a taste of what’s to come
we each, for us, not once, so long….

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Going Down

there’s a trail of hearts
beneath my boots
if I was cold
I was all alone

Well I fought the road
& I fought the part
but nothing’s as hard
as when I took your heart

A drop from a cloud
will find the ground
on its way
the way on down

Either Way

you kiss me once
you kiss me twice
are you playing nice?

you hold me tight
your warmth is right
I bite your line
I lose my sight
are you loose or are you tight
either way I might tonight

when it comes time
to break through
its what you do that speaks for you
either way I’ll drop a line

the blonde just wants to be wanted
the brunette’s seen it all before
the big ones, just want some lovin’…anyway they can
the one in tattoos, will show you how strong they are
the one in glasses knows what they want
but never plays the right hand, either way we win

Your Eyes

when I don’t know how to begin
& all seems to be at an end

I see you
& you cannot explain
your eyes keep telling things
your lips, they will not say

so I try, I try
to show you
the way that I feel
love don’t be shy
just take my hand
when I offer it to you

I can’t wait to need you!
want you so bad it hurts!
be my everything!
baby be mine!

you keep acting like you don’t need me
yea, you’re having fun
but your eyes keep telling me
baby, you’re the one!

so don’t waste time on any other guy
they are just after your pride
all I ask is for one sweet night
come morning this star will be out of sight

Young One

little one with the high heels on
pay attention to what’s going on
can’t see but something’s wrong
can’t see amid your fog
veiled like you’re having fun
life is easy when you’re holding on
so low when you’re hanging on
but you’re so on my sense is gone

you give what you want
you give away
what you need
what you are
young one

you’re the one
these hipsters don’t get half of it
you’re so hip, at the hip
yeah, you’re in the middle of it
you pray just right
on your knees
its outta sight
I feel you flirt
I see you tease
you flaunt yourself
you wanna please
baby its not necessary

The Muse

would you still want me
if you knew the things
happening in my head
all the things I did
when I was heartbroken
to put it in the mind
of everyone I met

my only friend
my only lover
you beckon for more
more than anyone
ever before

spring blooms
just like you
sweet & sincere
a smile like a tear
sparkles on the edge of trust & fear
butterflies to a flower
but the flower loves the light

In The Night

deadly & perfect in your air
come on baby, come on darling
we’ve been here before
like every other in the world
like every other boy and girl

let’s not throw our time
to petty games of bait, make me wait
it’s not too late
by now you should know not to doubt or hesitate

you are quiet
you are keen
you say exactly
what you mean
you ain’t too shy
to follow through
& do
what you need
what I need
us to do

I need a friend, I need a lover
who’s not concerned with the weather
that knows what to do with someone like you

let me know
baby, won’t you show me
why I’m here
what it is I’m looking for
why tonight I’m
so close to you
what else is there?
in the night.

The Next

I show
everything I know
angels come and go
it takes years below

forget what you know
forget who you know
everything before
everyone before

its an end
to show
when most depend
on what remains unknown

so if I climb
the walls of your eyes
would you realize
its better to be
than otherwise

there is so much more
worth heading toward

Your Fire

cool is just so old school
your fire is so much more to do with me and you
you’re a light in the dark
you start a fire in my heart
the flame is in every boy and girl
every soul in the big, wide world
burn, baby, burn
never, ever look back
when you’re moving
when you’re burning fast
yea, cool is just so old school
your fire is so much more to do with me and you
burn it babe, you’re so new school
so hot, want to burn it with you
cause cool is just so old school

Mission Queen

Queen of the Heights, does she know what’s right?
Hipster Queen, so cool won’t reveal a thing.
the apple in the eye of every guy she meets
but she keeps herself between what she needs and what you dream
do you think she can see you, fool? do you think you can best her mood?
is it her design? her form or a trick of her mind?
the finest thing this side of the Mississippi! Mission Queen!
Guinevere, I’ll fell the kingdom if you’re what you seem!
well, I dig your eyes, I dig your nose, I like all you hide, wanna hear you moan
I need your scent, yea, I need your touch, I need your love, I need it so much!
I want to take your heart, I want to take your time, I want everything you are,
gonna make you mine, but I need you to need me, alright!


fickle little whirlwind
gonna rule my world
alright, alright
ready for anyone
gonna have your fun
you ain’t serious
& that’s cool too, okay
you got that feeling
yea, you got that feeling
all you do shines right through
yea, your heart’s shining through
it’s midnight but you burn like noon
burn ‘em babe, its just what you do
it ain’t where you been or who you do
it’s the way you flirt your attitude
we’re on the way to satisfaction!
every night on the town
can’t keep away from the girls
I’m looking for you
someone to love
can’t keep away from the girls
somebody to love
someone like you!

Your Heart

you looking here
I can’t take anymore
its not your eyes
you look with your heart

what do I say
to someone like you
looking here
so, oh, sincere

I see
your heart!

what to do
to someone like you
with a love
so, oh, sincere

angel eyes
diamond mind
heart of gold
I see you

your heart knows what eyes cannot see
your heart knows what eyes cannot see
your heart knows what eyes cannot see

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First Poems

Spring  2009

The intimacy of film
The dark cavern
Feeds light & sound
Hungry vampires
Sink in for the feast

A pretty girl is like a flower
Best to go to her wild place
Than pluck her & shut her away
Just to fight
the desperate fight
of preserving her wild way

Some give their best
Some try not to give

Spring 2011

I hung the King, killed the Queen
& slaughtered the bare footed servants
I choked the pets and pulled the roots
of the plants plainly clipped & sorted
Despite the chaos & disorder
The Prince’s mind was calm & ordered
There upon that strange, strange night
The Prince beheld an awful sight
All that should be gone & dead
Were following him instead
Now He knows
That wherever He shall go
So do those that came before

Nobility & crime act the same
Though differ in their holy name

Mirrors see & mirrors lie
Stealing light from the beloved’s eye
Here is where you shape your guise
Plotting for the impressionable eye

All I want is the revelry
A little chaos to nourish me
What you’ve learned is best forgot
Leave the ones that want you taught

He’s just another archetype
Chosen from among the acolytes

Only Angels have control

Forever in kind
Biding his time
Separate from your space
& the waiting line

God is the best man can be
I bring you closer inside of me
Of nothing words come to me

A place to play
A place to fight
A place to celebrate the night
To here I go
To here I pray
I’m headed the Californi’ way

There’s something to be said
The castles caving in
When nothing’s left to give
That’s when it begins

I’m not sure if the thought is mine
Am I in the waiting line
For the dream of my kind
Biting the line that beckons the mind
Of the searcher, collecting, yearning for time

The time of feeling has arrived
Climb in the Aquarian tide

It is hard
to disguise
The Yearning

There is something to the mind
Pulsing, yearning for the fine
Divine & all it’s kind
His eyes devour pretty lines
Beauty & female forms that shine

Blue night
I am the darkness that is the light
The stillness that is the dancing

He is comfortable
He is clean
He says exactly what he means

I shall never make home
Where I stand is my throne
Often the prince
Never knows
How the others
Do behold
What excites you
What method to use

The spirit pulls & sways me
Inspiration within revelry
My tool is cool & ready for you
To bleed, pour & weave abuse
We just do what we do
In blind service to You
Until the reckoning is through
A medium consumed by You

True & sightly
Without work

The things that lay before me
Have never been before
A thousand times before

On I go
Now truly alone
How its always been
Is how it shall be
I am simply honing
The blessings within me

I am desperate
Seeking something
the eternal
a god-like

What is masked by the storm?
Of green & violent flashing forms,
Something brilliant from beyond is born.

An intense saturation of light
From green to violet
Thou did cry
Upon auburn, white
Cloud veiled sky
Whence did you come
Where do you go
A mysterious light
Of eternal glow
What heavenly body bore you so
Briefly, intensely upon the night
Just to flash & disappear from sight

Like many poets he did not listen to himself

They began to look at each other in a different fashion,
no longer glancing away

No mirrors to rescue lonely eyes

Ad pop ups, satirizing pop industry

Ideal image
Pop attitudes
You live it

I have nothing of my own
Except mine & poems

Nothing changes without loss

When there’s no where to go & no one to do
The inner realm will do

This is where the nuts
Come to gather
Spoil in eternal blather

Looking for a place
That’s not like home
Words like a temple
To warm my lonely days
Like a blanket, surround me

Now I go the way
Gardening the soul
tending its weeds
& roses

To strike down a weed
One needs
One stronger

For the rose to bloom
I gather honey from the finest wombs

culmination in perception

I am center
Of my world
Blessing, making
All unfold

Natural kinds/laws always adapting

Utter despair
A mind twisted
Caught, warped
In care

I’m having
No holding
Prestige should be ignored
Especially in association
With the old world
Or tradition

Only the mother has love that won’t let go

Take out the leader, through his women

We can just communicate
Together we commensurate
The odds & ends
& things we did

I feast at the lover’s table
From meal to meal
I gleam the finest flavors

Glory and splendor
In mid November
Fall delight
The fall from light
From fresh to frail
Into the winter gale

Art, the idle task

What is the best thing in the world?
The blank page
The blood of experience

Winter 2011

Skin I Live In &
The Man Nobody Knew,
are playing
at the

Remember not to live with them
Allow them to remain
At bay
So they may
Preserve their way
& not be lost to the
subtle fray

Like a doll in a house
All decisions require doubt
A pretty dress
Brings happiness
When she speaks
She always shouts

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