Spring  2009

The intimacy of film
The dark cavern
Feeds light & sound
Hungry vampires
Sink in for the feast

A pretty girl is like a flower
Best to go to her wild place
Than pluck her & shut her away
Just to fight
the desperate fight
of preserving her wild way

Some give their best
Some try not to give

Spring 2011

I hung the King, killed the Queen
& slaughtered the bare footed servants
I choked the pets and pulled the roots
of the plants plainly clipped & sorted
Despite the chaos & disorder
The Prince’s mind was calm & ordered
There upon that strange, strange night
The Prince beheld an awful sight
All that should be gone & dead
Were following him instead
Now He knows
That wherever He shall go
So do those that came before

Nobility & crime act the same
Though differ in their holy name

Mirrors see & mirrors lie
Stealing light from the beloved’s eye
Here is where you shape your guise
Plotting for the impressionable eye

All I want is the revelry
A little chaos to nourish me
What you’ve learned is best forgot
Leave the ones that want you taught

He’s just another archetype
Chosen from among the acolytes

Only Angels have control

Forever in kind
Biding his time
Separate from your space
& the waiting line

God is the best man can be
I bring you closer inside of me
Of nothing words come to me

A place to play
A place to fight
A place to celebrate the night
To here I go
To here I pray
I’m headed the Californi’ way

There’s something to be said
The castles caving in
When nothing’s left to give
That’s when it begins

I’m not sure if the thought is mine
Am I in the waiting line
For the dream of my kind
Biting the line that beckons the mind
Of the searcher, collecting, yearning for time

The time of feeling has arrived
Climb in the Aquarian tide

It is hard
to disguise
The Yearning

There is something to the mind
Pulsing, yearning for the fine
Divine & all it’s kind
His eyes devour pretty lines
Beauty & female forms that shine

Blue night
I am the darkness that is the light
The stillness that is the dancing

He is comfortable
He is clean
He says exactly what he means

I shall never make home
Where I stand is my throne
Often the prince
Never knows
How the others
Do behold
What excites you
What method to use

The spirit pulls & sways me
Inspiration within revelry
My tool is cool & ready for you
To bleed, pour & weave abuse
We just do what we do
In blind service to You
Until the reckoning is through
A medium consumed by You

True & sightly
Without work

The things that lay before me
Have never been before
A thousand times before

On I go
Now truly alone
How its always been
Is how it shall be
I am simply honing
The blessings within me

I am desperate
Seeking something
the eternal
a god-like

What is masked by the storm?
Of green & violent flashing forms,
Something brilliant from beyond is born.

An intense saturation of light
From green to violet
Thou did cry
Upon auburn, white
Cloud veiled sky
Whence did you come
Where do you go
A mysterious light
Of eternal glow
What heavenly body bore you so
Briefly, intensely upon the night
Just to flash & disappear from sight

Like many poets he did not listen to himself

They began to look at each other in a different fashion,
no longer glancing away

No mirrors to rescue lonely eyes

Ad pop ups, satirizing pop industry

Ideal image
Pop attitudes
You live it

I have nothing of my own
Except mine & poems

Nothing changes without loss

When there’s no where to go & no one to do
The inner realm will do

This is where the nuts
Come to gather
Spoil in eternal blather

Looking for a place
That’s not like home
Words like a temple
To warm my lonely days
Like a blanket, surround me

Now I go the way
Gardening the soul
tending its weeds
& roses

To strike down a weed
One needs
One stronger

For the rose to bloom
I gather honey from the finest wombs

culmination in perception

I am center
Of my world
Blessing, making
All unfold

Natural kinds/laws always adapting

Utter despair
A mind twisted
Caught, warped
In care

I’m having
No holding
Prestige should be ignored
Especially in association
With the old world
Or tradition

Only the mother has love that won’t let go

Take out the leader, through his women

We can just communicate
Together we commensurate
The odds & ends
& things we did

I feast at the lover’s table
From meal to meal
I gleam the finest flavors

Glory and splendor
In mid November
Fall delight
The fall from light
From fresh to frail
Into the winter gale

Art, the idle task

What is the best thing in the world?
The blank page
The blood of experience

Winter 2011

Skin I Live In &
The Man Nobody Knew,
are playing
at the

Remember not to live with them
Allow them to remain
At bay
So they may
Preserve their way
& not be lost to the
subtle fray

Like a doll in a house
All decisions require doubt
A pretty dress
Brings happiness
When she speaks
She always shouts