Going Down

there’s a trail of hearts
beneath my boots
if I was cold
I was all alone

Well I fought the road
& I fought the part
but nothing’s as hard
as when I took your heart

A drop from a cloud
will find the ground
on its way
the way on down

Either Way

you kiss me once
you kiss me twice
are you playing nice?

you hold me tight
your warmth is right
I bite your line
I lose my sight
are you loose or are you tight
either way I might tonight

when it comes time
to break through
its what you do that speaks for you
either way I’ll drop a line

the blonde just wants to be wanted
the brunette’s seen it all before
the big ones, just want some lovin’…anyway they can
the one in tattoos, will show you how strong they are
the one in glasses knows what they want
but never plays the right hand, either way we win

Your Eyes

when I don’t know how to begin
& all seems to be at an end

I see you
& you cannot explain
your eyes keep telling things
your lips, they will not say

so I try, I try
to show you
the way that I feel
love don’t be shy
just take my hand
when I offer it to you

I can’t wait to need you!
want you so bad it hurts!
be my everything!
baby be mine!

you keep acting like you don’t need me
yea, you’re having fun
but your eyes keep telling me
baby, you’re the one!

so don’t waste time on any other guy
they are just after your pride
all I ask is for one sweet night
come morning this star will be out of sight

Young One

little one with the high heels on
pay attention to what’s going on
can’t see but something’s wrong
can’t see amid your fog
veiled like you’re having fun
life is easy when you’re holding on
so low when you’re hanging on
but you’re so on my sense is gone

you give what you want
you give away
what you need
what you are
young one

you’re the one
these hipsters don’t get half of it
you’re so hip, at the hip
yeah, you’re in the middle of it
you pray just right
on your knees
its outta sight
I feel you flirt
I see you tease
you flaunt yourself
you wanna please
baby its not necessary

The Muse

would you still want me
if you knew the things
happening in my head
all the things I did
when I was heartbroken
to put it in the mind
of everyone I met

my only friend
my only lover
you beckon for more
more than anyone
ever before

spring blooms
just like you
sweet & sincere
a smile like a tear
sparkles on the edge of trust & fear
butterflies to a flower
but the flower loves the light

In The Night

deadly & perfect in your air
come on baby, come on darling
we’ve been here before
like every other in the world
like every other boy and girl

let’s not throw our time
to petty games of bait, make me wait
it’s not too late
by now you should know not to doubt or hesitate

you are quiet
you are keen
you say exactly
what you mean
you ain’t too shy
to follow through
& do
what you need
what I need
us to do

I need a friend, I need a lover
who’s not concerned with the weather
that knows what to do with someone like you

let me know
baby, won’t you show me
why I’m here
what it is I’m looking for
why tonight I’m
so close to you
what else is there?
in the night.

The Next

I show
everything I know
angels come and go
it takes years below

forget what you know
forget who you know
everything before
everyone before

its an end
to show
when most depend
on what remains unknown

so if I climb
the walls of your eyes
would you realize
its better to be
than otherwise

there is so much more
worth heading toward

Your Fire

cool is just so old school
your fire is so much more to do with me and you
you’re a light in the dark
you start a fire in my heart
the flame is in every boy and girl
every soul in the big, wide world
burn, baby, burn
never, ever look back
when you’re moving
when you’re burning fast
yea, cool is just so old school
your fire is so much more to do with me and you
burn it babe, you’re so new school
so hot, want to burn it with you
cause cool is just so old school

Mission Queen

Queen of the Heights, does she know what’s right?
Hipster Queen, so cool won’t reveal a thing.
the apple in the eye of every guy she meets
but she keeps herself between what she needs and what you dream
do you think she can see you, fool? do you think you can best her mood?
is it her design? her form or a trick of her mind?
the finest thing this side of the Mississippi! Mission Queen!
Guinevere, I’ll fell the kingdom if you’re what you seem!
well, I dig your eyes, I dig your nose, I like all you hide, wanna hear you moan
I need your scent, yea, I need your touch, I need your love, I need it so much!
I want to take your heart, I want to take your time, I want everything you are,
gonna make you mine, but I need you to need me, alright!


fickle little whirlwind
gonna rule my world
alright, alright
ready for anyone
gonna have your fun
you ain’t serious
& that’s cool too, okay
you got that feeling
yea, you got that feeling
all you do shines right through
yea, your heart’s shining through
it’s midnight but you burn like noon
burn ‘em babe, its just what you do
it ain’t where you been or who you do
it’s the way you flirt your attitude
we’re on the way to satisfaction!
every night on the town
can’t keep away from the girls
I’m looking for you
someone to love
can’t keep away from the girls
somebody to love
someone like you!

Your Heart

you looking here
I can’t take anymore
its not your eyes
you look with your heart

what do I say
to someone like you
looking here
so, oh, sincere

I see
your heart!

what to do
to someone like you
with a love
so, oh, sincere

angel eyes
diamond mind
heart of gold
I see you

your heart knows what eyes cannot see
your heart knows what eyes cannot see
your heart knows what eyes cannot see