this heart may be broken
but that means it is wide open
baby I can be your victim
you’re what this heart is missing

you took me in your arms
looked deep in my eyes
said I don’t need your heart
just want your body tonight

the bliss of your touch
a feeling so divine
don’t know 'bout my heart
but I might lose my mind


been dreaming
dreaming……of you
ohh……of you
do you dream of me?

we want something
we don’t need
so appealing
time cannot change this feeling

when will my dreams come true
can’t help but dream of you
until this dream comes true
always dreaming of you
do you dream of me?


you cast a ripple
on my heart
you touched me
at the start

your cool
my heat
our touch
we meet
we melt
best thing I ever felt

upon sight feels right
you may, I might
you come and you go
we get some and we know
all is won and lost in fun

it burns hot, it burns fast
when it ain’t meant to last

I want more
I want to go too far
but it ain’t hard to let go
when holding on is over

Move Right

you move alright
you’re quite the sight
wrong or right
I want you tonight

your body wins every victory
conquers all & does it silently
when you smile all walls fall apart
muse you are the highest art

yea you want to smile
though you know your heart
has only so much love to impart
& the slightest loss breaks a little off

Your Taste

to know your taste
the way you shake
the way you scream
how you express everything
I need your smile & your laughter
but its not your heart that I’m after

I am anything you need
everything you want of me
what harm could there be

an angel when I’m in need
a devil when its time to feed
you can have all of me
I feel alive when I bleed


is it right I’m so excited
at the sight of you
is it right to do the things
that I want to do

give me wrong, give me right
its a long time coming
don’t let this special something
that we have amount to nothing

my heart thumps so
excite me, entice me
don’t be coy
when you invite me
I want it hard, I want it easy
angel eyes please please me

The Victim

anything you want to do
I want too
every night I got less to lose
with nothing left to prove
baby, what you wanna do
I can be your victim
you’re what this heart is missing

the way you move
how to cross this divide
eyes give every sign to mine
feels so good, so much to do
want to make it last, I want you
one touch, a sweet caress
could ignite this precious chance

Want, some

some want to flirt
others need to play
some love to touch
few know the way
some aren’t who they seem
they want pretty things
some are who they want to be
they, they take everything

you say its big but you take it
its never been so good
you say you’re in love
the way you feel, love makes you real

fires lit
in the middle of it
been waiting, wanting
something we don’t need
a loss, a victory

The Dancer

always looking, yea
never satisfied
the hunter’s being hunted
though they do not realize

say you never fall in love
wouldn’t hold back if you could
though you’re the one that should be warned
this heart is too sharp to be dancing on

dancing ain’t all we came to do
numb with nothing to lose
everything to prove & no one to do

you try to satisfy
an offer so sincere
visions blurred, but this is clear
giving in is fun
I get the sense in your kiss
its only just begun
the dance, the beat have yet to peak
and I’ve already won
the race to your place
a taste of what’s to come
we each, for us, not once, so long….