Mission Pie! Oh! Mission Pie!
oh the sweets lurking inside
the sweet potato, banana cream
the chicken pot pie of your dreams!

for a perfect pastry you part your lips
though before you get a bite of it
the silky, golden goodie melts
it sublimates, the purest thing you ever felt

fresh, organic ingredients
regional farms, feed Mission residents
sustainable, solar power lights
and heats the ovens, warming pie

sweet and savory pies and salads
please accept this humble ballad
and sincerest apologies
what follows is truth not blasphemy

the sweetest sweets
you're bound to meet
are not apple huckleberry
nor a slice of pear raspberry

they wear aprons & golden smiles
they'll give you shelter for a while
like angels on a divine mission
they nourish those in the Mission

at last, perhaps, it will show
the sweetest sweets
are the makers and the bakers
of this manna! of this dough!