the lords appease us with plastic possessions, petroleum products
the sated masses sit divided & fed
TV & preservatives breed greed
when man no longer looks upon his neighbor & plots a profit
we can foster true fellowship, an honest brotherhood
sun worshippers & night revelers we shall be once more
until the capitalist structure falls

alexander's journey...

early trials & tribulations leak small successes
the women that loved & fed me only knew a bitter end

adolescent wanderings, the things found were rarely sought after
bare, paved nights; stoned for days
a trip into the woods cooled hot nerves to steel
across seas; the pained, old world sunk in & tightened my gaze
forced herding provoked silence & an introversion beyond all visible benefit
the cage barred a path of light, for a time
but my gaze & demand inspired new heights
or perhaps new lows with no other place to go
onward; the familiar on an unfamiliar scene
from house to house my victories gleamed
& I planted my seed
Now she follows me
trapped & freed
at film school I found the way
of the alchemists and bards of old
I've found a place where a guy like me
can be, however, I may be
& not worry
for those who might
Want to contain me
Drugs nudity, no limit
The maelstrom, is
as I live it
all 'til now
was not in vain
the subtlety remains
and shall gain
all I need, all that is, all the..