Red Dragon biding lives until its form

Hallow circumstance
Where is truth when eyes decide, buried

Little girl, you're much too young
your eyes see too much
no turning back
deeper, further, permanence
woman, man nothing can stop desire
though Nature has methods
speak tongues to me I am listening

Bamboo shelter, asian family no one turned away
Clay, you rascal, you never grew up

What do you want of me? In me?
What do I have? How many lives is a single journey?
The earthquake settles all possibility

The past was much worse
We're all slaves setting ourselves free
From time, from love, from things we've done
A lesson,
Whatever means live, new means, more means, added means
    each time as we go, unfurl and grow

What are you?
A Dragon, it said, its cat form did not needs methods, lives
The eyes,
Truth lies in the eyes