is it right I’m so excited
at the sight of you
is it right to do the things
that I want to do

give me wrong, give me right
you unveil highest heights
I want it hard, I want it easy
angel eyes please please me

you taunt with your tenderness
I yield to every soft caress
my heart enjoys the distress
now we're lying in a mess

at my worst I do my best
cannot stop, forget the risk
we come undone then go numb
all is won and lost in fun

won't take back
the things we've done
the risk is worth
what is won


we spend a lot of time deciding
unbinding will and want
you feign and you falter
sacrifice at the hallow altar

we want what we want
the children must live on


so into you
I cannot stand it
every moment I am stranded
lost to the lust felt in your presence

we feel it when we touch
crystallize light and love
more is never enough
love or lust in you I trust

danger, use your skin
we want the spell we're in
you shake and need to scream
you feel everything

save me from solitude
when we win what do we lose?


its the way you look
and in how you move
I can't look away
I don't know what to do

you're on the scene
never satisfied
you're the deity
that's not an easy thing

you're the first heart in
and the first one out
sister shiva
would be proud

your cool is cannon
corrupting everyone
no need to speak
we know what you want

you take everything from everyone
but its never enough


break my heart
I'll break yours
we shook hands then let go
bittersweet but we must know

fireworks in your eyes
again upon your thighs
once more lose control
the end comes fast or slow

all our love in an hour
throw our all to the pyre
a fire of divine desire
we put it out and part forever


blossom bent
to mind's torment
she crawls from cement
toward light and love
and any subtle hint


she sent a raven from her mouth
it flew around and found me out
now she's here and she's ready
her wants are few but feel like many


you get what you want
then you let go
its never what
young hearts hope


a broken wave
upon the shore
you dance alone
need nothing more

divine desire
lend an hour
for we in need
of love mires

to shatter pleasantly
amid foggy deeds

stale midnight
see her plight
ready all your might


say you will not fall in love
you cannot bear the pain
you been there before
and swore never again

its easy in a dream
it always goes your way
when it isn't real
ain't a thing to fear

some enjoy the pleasure
but cannot take the pain
I love it all
in parts its not the same


say you will not fall in love
though we know you have
I'm right here with you
ready to dive in

you know its not a game
but you're playing just the same
you dream of what to say & not to do
your fear is making all the rules

wounds from a touch
love inflicts so much