America, the free

built on genocide

forged by slavery

all that was

now you and me

consume and lose to
this red and blue veiled oligarch
for a white tinkered capital
minimum dividend

we must fight to break free

the Love yet to be

you are everything

the tunnel cast a welcome forbidding

all lay in bare clarity

the full echo of my step rang wholesome against the protective walls

complete, splendid isolation; the tunnel and I

no thing, no one else

pure, clear beauty

then the clean exit into light....... 

when the light is right

he takes flight

in a dance for all to see

though his romance

is the subtle glance 

with the reflection
upon the pond twilight mirror

too few care for the truth.
they did it all to control the oil trade,
prevent a change of currency in the arab states,
steal their gold and…..
the need to destroy the paper trace,
as they raised the false flag.

you watch the news

worship your TV

trapped inside habit

dull dusk into complacency

revolution from the inside up.

bubble gently below the surface.

the widening gap in private/public wealth and the bounty/scarcity/control of resources will clash and erupt into internal, class, and regional warfare in which the well planned and the whipped will prosper

as your lovers are ripped from you

all is out of your control

they're here and they're feared

death tolls on command

falling from the sky

don't breathe the air

its in the water

you're primed for the slaughter