your head is like the edge of night
where the bright pink twilight
meets the raven sky
hair's aflame
starry eyes
whoa is me
oh, jenny lee


hocus pocus
blood boils
oh, lovely trouble

tell me girl
what do you need
what's the price
when you live so free

she'll snap the scene
you're shot to pieces
print a frame for history

your painted smile
your mirror eyes
won't show your face

I know all about
your heroines
I ain't the kind to repent

I'll be waiting with a gun
a ginger plant
and my grandpa's tent

move in 'til we cannot breathe
let's take a holiday


darling guard your eyes
they're the window to your heart
and I may break in
like a burglar in the dark

you are wicked
cause your heart is soft
a rose needs thorns
to guard a blooming heart


I'm starving, I'm the love artist
my religion, veiled by a pretty dress


she rides a horse
she grows her food
she mastered
every mood

encounter you
with a planned assault
this sort of love
can't be taught


Mercury skin
masks murky worlds
I'd gladly dive
to unknown realms

Tonight shall test humanity
the bounds of love shall see
if lust is worth our wanton trust
or accept the void's advances

I loathe these tenacious avenues
monkeys lost, nothing to do
hurtling through precious time
hurting every future mine

Deities of the region
a humble sacrifice
if I don't win
I might die

On guard! on guard!
every moment is a battle
to be won
victories are built upon

This moment I hover in
I glow with warmth
yet awarded
already winning hearts of maenads

Velvet skin
so unfulfilled
an alien, open world
land if you dare

The worst situation
worsens with atrocious music
oh! the agony!
the sour anchor, the corrosive cane

Chasing love is
oh! so frightening
the thrill is
beyond divine

Sincere, insane and full of grace
a comedy in a way


soft like warm grass
on a summer's day
soft like a warm look
on a lover's face