the model

beauty queen
on the scene
she only sees
pretty things

found her heart
found her eyes
I seen past
her pale disguise

drifting from afar
on her wooden ship
don't think twice
cause she built it

gonna make her press
gonna pay her dues
she'll get what
she wants from you
beauty queen
you're a star
don't blink
don't fall too far

dance of light
where the sun meets the sea

I found infinity
where our eyes meet

where tears hit the floor
and hearts run for the door

you'll see the sun rises
and sets same as before

Echo Lake

Lotus flower
do you know
fortune untold
the bounty of your earthly realm

you feed on sherbet skies
you mirror
royal yellow
clairvoyant white
rarest pink
would not be
but for the lady
whose lake you glean

oh, oasis!
of gilded delight!
you represent all I despise!

no ancient rites
no cool dips at your side
no sip to quench parched lips

monument of waste fifty feet high
you distract from our looming plight
a fool herded to your thighs

lady lotus
pick me
make me right

you wear your fear
without a care

eyes met, blood rush
a perfect touch

heart strings
you play just right

haunted heart
whims guide delight

velvet hair and stormy eyes
mind can hypnotize

love drunk
sincere and young

cherry bomb
can right your wrongs

coming for you
don't care about the pain

playing heart strings
pretty red stains

can't forget, won't regret
another murder scene


disco ball
alone, above
like the
only Sun
like the
only Son

((Dark Truth, in the Daylight))

Fangs flash
in a gasp
your mind
yielded way

Your Truth
shone bright
and dark
as night
and colder
than just before
day break

BEAUTY, bored

you are beautiful
you get what you want
but its not enough
heads begin to roll
still you are bored
blood is seeping
through the floor


for once I tease the muse
who so many nights before
left me wanton, empty, alone

you curate the beauty in man
you just want me
for your collection