good gawd

each touch shudders
just enough for us to greet
bare our teeth
then retreat

show me art
some mental wonder
show me truth
that's torn asunder


enlighten eyes to the mundane
forms of brilliant design
an edge…tooled texture
are like divine

the storm

eyes like lightning
they flash my way

the results are frightening
when you corner your prey

I don't like it
but I don't have a say

in season

He is slow
but he is sure
She is known
and rarely won

Foggy deeds
what few,
monstrous needs


heart like mercury
eyes in kind
solid, liquid
same space
same time


a subtle lust in the air
a thick blanket of despair
the future's uncertain
his will is weak
she gets what she wants
her heart will feast

level up

your eyes drain
all my love away
you're playing hearts
like a video game