pulse aquatic

the table you lay before me
you beset with enemies
hallowed be thy name
you love a tragedy

Delphi's not far away
tell me what to sacrifice
show me how to hold the knife
either way it ends tonight

nothing feels good

you’re a mess
and the loveliest
never listen to you
you don’t notice anyway
near is never close enough
I let you have your way

your eyes speak
what your lips will not say
you’re breaking in my heart
each time you look my way

bring on the darkness
I could use the shade
this heart’s already
broken anyway

haunted heart

nothing to lose
you always win
never think twice
you’re all in


don’t leave me happy
don’t leave me unused
giving all we have to lose
’til we know just what to do

lips are nails through my heart
each kiss a crucifixion
I’m your martyr, be my god
love is our religion


bent on attraction
and some satisfaction
you won't behave
and you want to stay

your body's screaming
heart's about to drown
know what you're feeling
won't let you down